Happy Families

Happy Families
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Happy Families -  are they the height of stupidity? Can it be measured? 

Whilst we cannot sanction this type of behaviour, the Art of Extreme Piggybacking does seem to have its advantages - you only have to buy one ticket, you won’t need to bring the pram and Granny can have a snooze on top!

Every one of the Happy Families has its own set of characters and, thanks to tailored soundtracks, the audience can eavesdrop on their conversations, be they funny, fractious, flaky, flummoxed or feral. 

They each have lifelike, animated movements that can energise any site, even if its crowded. 

There are six in total but they can be booked in groups of three.

Unfortunately we are unable to request autographs or personal requests and we suggest contacting the artist's own websites or fan sites. Apologies, we are also not able to ask for free / gratis / charity / reduced fee performances from any of the artists – again please contact your chosen artist through their own websites.

The majority of prices will be plus vat at the current UK rate of 20%.