From exotic and themed to urban, street, hip hop and ballroom..

The Debutants Ball

Dance / Themed Events / UK

Thrilling ensemble performance in an exquisite arrangement of modern dance and rhythmic gymnastics. As dance-about or a staged piece..

The Mob

Flash Mobs / Dancing flash mobs / Dancing Waiters / Halloween Flashmobs / Outdoor mobs / Festival mobs / Promotions mobs / Mobs for large events

Everything about these surprise flash mob performances will thrill guests at every event - The Mob are experts at unexpected entertainment!

The Optioscopes

Danceabout / Christmas / Meet & Greet / Fire & Ice / Silver / Stilt Walkers

An amazing new act who are a 'dance-about', dazzling your guests with stunning, LED encrusted silver and gold costumes.

The Twilight Players

Latin / Asian / Funk / Weddings

Slick, Sharp and Dynamic! This is a dance trio who perform in their own formidable style, with a heavy dose of showmanship to a hip soundtrack of Latin Jazz, Sk...

Themed Dance Acts

Dance / Themed Events / Vegas / UK

From French themes and the Can Can to Wild West and the 70s...


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TWIST is an elegant and beguiling contortion act from the roaring times of the flapper. An elegantly costumed feather fantasia, - a rare exhibition of human fle...

Zap Cossacks

Dance / Russian Theme / Unique / UK

Over twenty years of experience in the art of Cossack dancing - great for corporate events and themed parties!