Children's Entertainment

Fun for Kids of all ages! Indoor or outdoor - magic to circus

Alan in Wonderland & the 3 Goats plus..

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A comical mixture of retold stories, witha slice of Alice in Wonderland, a generous helping of Goats and a 3.5m concertina book. Curiouser Curioser..

Andy Green

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Andy Greens Mega Funky Kids Show is one of the most popular magical childrens shows around.

Balloon Modellers

Our balloon modellers are experienced professionals, so you don't just get dogs or swords, but a wonderful array of balloon animals and more..

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Big Goldilocks & the 3 Bears plus..

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A comical, physical show with - A 6ft Book. A 6ft plus Goldilocks. A Cloudy ARC. 20 plus animals. A 6ft plus Teddy Boy, plus participation..

Boatbuilding Workshop

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Lots of fun for kids building boats, pirates and even the occasional parrot..

Brett the Balloon Modeller

Balloon Modeller / Children's entertainer / Juggler

Larger than life animals, cartoon characters, and big fat penguins! You name it and Brett makes it happen!!

Candy Cane Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers / Christmas / Nutcracker / Sweets / Charlie & Choc Factory Theme

Perfect for any Christmas (or sweetie!) event, the fabulous Candy Canes Stilt Walkers stand at over 9 feet tall and with their vivid and unique costumes...

Cartoon Elves

Christmas theme / Cartoon Characters / Japanese / Oriental / Walkabout / UK

​Are you a fan of all things Japanese and fantasy? Our cartoon elves, Poppy and Peach are wonderful to help Santa or meet and greet your guests..

Charlie the Clown

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An experienced and fun clown offering a wide variety of skills (and characters) with games, singing, dancing, magic and more..

Children's Soft Play areas

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Great for the toddlers at your event allow them to run wild in this enclosed area with Mum & Dad having just as much fun as the kids.

Chris Peskett

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Children's Magic, Balloonology, Unicycling, Stiltwalking & so much more!

Circo Rum Ba Bas Circus Skills Workshop

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Come and run away to the Circus - learn to Plate Spin, Juggle & more..

Classy Clowns on Stilts

Stiltwalkers, Mime / Tricks / Balloon Modeling / Kid's Parties / Circus Theme

What a pair of clowns! They communicate in mime and carry huge Windmills to blow on. Who knows what will come out of their pockets next!

Clumbsy The Clown

Clown / Balloon Modeller / Children's Entertainer / Pirate

An experienced and fun clown (and also brilliant balloon modeller!), Clumbsy has been performing all over England since 1993.

Creative Workshops for children

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An exciting range of workshops and creative activities for children and families..

Disco Bunny

Meet and Greet / Easter / Alice In Wonderland / Gardening / UK

Fabulous animated disco Bunny adapts well for meet and greet and themed events he loves to burst out some disco moves on the dance floor with guests as well

Epico "The Dragon"

Walkabout, St George's Day / Street / Fairytale / Fantasy Theme

Interactive street style shows starring Sir Aurelious Jones and the breathtaking animatronic wonder Epico the Dragon...

Fairy Living Tables

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These fabulous Fairy Living Tables really create a buzz and look amazing as your guests walk in to your event..

Firefly Fairy

Stiltwalker, Garden Party / Fairytale / Young Children's Theme

Not only does she do children's parties, but she can also arrive as a giant Fairy! Full of magical tales and enchanting wishes...

Giant Alice Rabbit

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Whether on time or late for a very important date he has obviously stopped off for a few snacks along the way, in true Alice in wonderland style!

Giant Candy Canes

Stiltwalkers / Christmas / Nutcracker / Sweets / Charlie & Choc Factory Theme

Entertainment just doesn't come any sweeter than this! Feared by dentists and rresistible to the sweet tooth, these giant candy canes are naturally sweet at hea...

Giant Easter Bunnies

Stiltwalkers, Alice In Wonderland / Easter / Spring / Kid's Parties / Animal Theme

2 Giant Easter Bunnies who enjoy more than one carrot for tea! Stilt characters performing a comedy walkabout routine.

Gingerbread Men

Christmas theme / Traditional Characters / Meet and greet /Food theme / Children's / Walkabout / UK

Traditional and fun Gingerbread Men who can meet and greet your guests, serve drinks or even boogie on the dance floor!

Halloween Workshops

Interaction / Audience Participation / Team Building

Creepy Creations ... make Haunted Houses, Spooky Castles, Witches, Wizards, Skeletons, Vampires, Ghosts and Aliens - such fun..