Every kind of theme and every kind of costume and even bouncy ones!

1920s / Gatsby Stilts

Stilt Walkers / 1920's / Gatsby / Prohibition Theme

Gorgeous and sophisticated Gatsby Stilt Walkers straight out of the 1920's, perfect for those great Gatsby parties.

70s babes

Stiltwalkers, 1970s / Disco / Glam Rock / Groupies / Carwash Theme

1970's Glam Rock babes, Roxy and Dixie, are slim hipped and glossy lipped, they entertain with stories about each rock star they've pulled and every tour bus...

A Day at the Races

Stiltwalkers, Horse Racing / Ascot / Sport / Summer Theme

Fabulously costumed Ascot style stiltwalkers to enhance your 'Day at the Races'...

American Cops Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, USA / Americana / Police / Gentlemen's Theme

Now this ain't something you've seen before.... 'scuse me sir, can we just check your credentials...

Ancient Olympiads

Stiltwalkers, Sport / Olympics / Athletes / Ancient Greece Theme

It is 328 BC. Lenonides of Rhodes stretches and postures with his solid stone discus. He is warming up for the competition and keeping a watchful eye on Hermoge...

Angelic Juggling Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, Juggling / Fire Eating / Tight Rope / Angels / Christmas Theme

These characters use their juggling skills and silly sense of humour to entertain at corporate parties, Christmas lights switch ons and any other Christmas...

Anyone for Tennis?

Stiltwalkers, Tennis / Wimbledon / Sport / Summer Theme

Gorgeous, comedy tennis player stiltwalkers who didn't qualify for Wimbledon this year unfortunately...

Arabian Knights Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, Arabian Knights / Far East / Morrocan / Bollywood Theme

The mysteries of the East - these fabulous stilt walkers have captured the exotic with their gorgeous costumes...

Arcadians on Stilts

Christmas / Stiltwalkers / Dance / Lights / Peter Pan / Midsummers Night's Theme

Six (or less) radiant characters dressed in the simplest white chiffon, silk and plaited gold, and glowing with shimmering light..

Bands On Stilts!

Different musical genres - these guys will really get noticed at your event..

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Bathing Belles

Stilt Walkers / Seaside / Nautical / 1920's / 1940's / Retro Theme

Our Bathing Belles, Betty and Flo, are off to the seaside for a brisk swim! They don't mind the weather, the beach is always a jolly place for a spot of fun.

Bats on stilts

Stilt Walkers / Halloween Theme / UK

This particular species of bat stalks its prey. They inspect it cautiously and carefully, resulting either in an attempt to stand their ground against possible....

Beautiful Butterflies

Stiltwalkers, Insects / Gardening / Flower Shows / Summer Theme

These beautiful Butterflies gracefully flutter around your event. These enormous entomologists dream will stun your guests with their beauty...

Bees on Stilts

Stiltwalkers, Insects / Gardening / Enviromental / Summer Theme

Not something you'd see every day! A pair of 2 gorgeous (and very busy) Bees on stilts...

Big Bobbies

Stiltwalkers, Music / Police / England/ British Theme

Perhaps you've seen them roaming around or even at your local doughnut shop, the Big Bobbies at over 9ft tall and 5ft wide, have to be seen to be believed.

Big Business

Stiltwalkers, Office / Work Theme

These stiltwalkers are just off to the office...busy day ahead...

Big Devils

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Valentine's Day / Venetian / Baroque Theme

Classic, Baroque, Venetian glamour and very slightly naughty...

Big Rory & Ochie

Stiltwalker, Scotland / Dog / Animal Theme

The nine foot loveable rascal, Big Rory, out for a walk with Ochie, his wayward mongrel. Inevitably there's total confusion as the amorous mutt careers around.....

Birds of Paradise Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, Birds / Tropical / Carnival Theme

The wonderful and exotic 'Birds of Paradise' stilt walkers are a fabulous addition to tropical or carnival events or any event that needs some colourful and...

Black & White Showgirls

Stiltwalkers, Black & White Ball / Vegas / Hollywood / Sexy Theme

Spectacular and sexy costumes that will deliver elegance, style and sophistication. Straight from Ceasars Palace, they flirt and flatter whilst fluttering...

Black & White Swans - The London Stilt Ballet

Stiltwalkers, Ballet / Dance / Walkabout / LED Lights / Music Theme / UK

Discover the grace, elegance and vertical elevation of the incredible London Stilt Ballet. Alternatively witness the ballerinas inflict classical master classes...

Black and White Elegant Birds

Stilt Walkers / Birds / Hollywood / Walkabout / Meet & Greet

Exquisite, jewel encrusted costumes make these stilt bird characters a stunning addition to any event.

Black and White Tall Gents

Stiltwalkers, Gentlemen / Showbiz / Hollywood / Retro Theme

The perfect gentlemen, these charming and eccentric gents from a bygone age will add class and sophistication to your event.


Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Venetian / Baroque / Fire Theme

This cheeky stilt duo will add a little spice to your event as they greet and entertain your guests.