Authentic 1930s and cheerful rhythms!

Acro Chaps

Acrobatic / Themed / Victorian / Walkabout / 1920's

Absolutely spiffing (and moustached!) acrobats who offer a wide selection of very interactive and entertaining walkabout acrobatic acts.

Bathing Belles

Stilt Walkers / Seaside / Nautical / 1920's / 1940's / Retro Theme

Our Bathing Belles, Betty and Flo, are off to the seaside for a brisk swim! They don't mind the weather, the beach is always a jolly place for a spot of fun.

Cafe Society

Jazz / Dixieland / 1920's / Cabaret / Gatsby

Jazz, Dixieland, 1920's & Cabaret. Cheerful rhythms & excellent credentials!

Charlie Chaplin Human Statue

Street Entertainment, Living Statue / 1920s / Film / Hollywood Theme

A stunning amount of detail has gone into making this the most realistic statue of Charlie Chaplin - you might never know he isn't a real statue until he m...

Eliza Doolittle lookalike

Walkabout, Garden Party / My Fair Lady / Ascot / Sport / Film / Hollywood Theme

Stunning recreation of the Black & White 'Ascot' scene dress from 'My Fair Lady' and that 'HAT' accompanied by Professor Higgins

George Formby tribute

George Formby Tribute / 1940's / 1950's / Music Hall

An excellent and affectionate tribute to the great George Formby. Not just on seaside piers but also has been performed all over England and Europe


Jazz/ Swing / Rat Pack / Latin / Jive / UK

The JazzCats are a band with a difference - everything from Jazz to Rat Pack, Rock & Roll, Pop, Soul, Latin & Jive to make the party swing!

Oxford Classic Jazz

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Oxford Classic Jazz provides musicians highly skilled in the joyful style of pre-war jazz, offering anything from solo acoustic piano, duos and trios and larger...

Silk Street

Jazz / New Orleans Jazz/ Christmas Theme

Could be the best New Orleans band outside of New Orleans & check out The Silk Street Santas!

The Hot Potato Syncopators

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A comedy swing whoopee band featuring a brace of ukuleles, musical saw and tea-chest bass played by three eccentric English gentlemen. Tip top jazz!

Verity & Violet

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A sparkling vintage-inspired singing duo, mixing the old with the new.