Are they real? Is someone inside there? Is this the entertainment of the future?

Amazing and futuristic performers.  Artificial Intelligence, Robots of the future, delving into Cyber Space - these guys and Aliens take you to a world that doesn't exist... or does it??

Call Classique to hire some incredible robotic performers for your next Sci Fi or Star Wars event.

May the 4th be with you.


Robots / Sci-fi / Space Themes / Meet and Greet

'In space no one can hear you scream' we dare you to try not to!


Human Robot / Meet & Greet / Sci Fi Theme

Surely the most experienced 'human' robot available...


Robot / Walkabout / Futuristic / Sci Fi / Star Trek theme

BORG-STIFF is based on the Star Trek character the Borg and is very much in demand for all types of events


Meet and Greet / Native American / LED

This Glow-bird hybrid is based on Native American Pow Wow dance costumes and aims to raise the vibe on the dance floor by attracting the energy into the crowd.


Robot / Sci-Fi / Space Theme / LED / Meet and Greet / UK

The incredible Cybo-Bot is the world's leading high-tech LED robot performer, an elite and in-demand character creation.


Robot / LED / Futuristic / Space / Meet & Greet / UK

Glo-borg is an immensely impressive stilts character from our range of robot characters.

Judge Dredd

Robots / Sci-Fi / Space Themes / Meet and Greet

The future United States is a dystopic irradiated wasteland known as the Cursed Earth. On the east coast lies Mega-City One.

Maximus Robot

Robot / LED / Futuristic / Space / Meet & Greet / UK

MAXIMUS - 9ft tall, jam packed with LED lighting & lasers that are sure to WOW your guests!


Robot / LED / Futuristic / Space / Meet & Greet / UK

Fresh from our top secret design lab, we bring you our brand new and biggest robot yet! MEKANIKA

Nebular 1

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Polished, elegant, black and now with the latest Technology..


Robot / Walkabout / Futuristic / Sci Fi

6'3" of full metal muscle and can also 'talk'..


Sci-Fi / LED / Futuristic / Space / Meet & Greet / UK

In space no one can hear you scream!


LED Lights / Nightclub / Sci Fi / Futuristic / Robots Theme

These red hot Robo-Babes are living proof that the future is now!


Dance DJ / House DJ / Celebrity DJ / Electro DJ / UK

Switch on and get clued up to the most ingenious DJ’ing double act around, the Robo-DJ's, an imaginative act.

Robot on stilts

Stilt Walkers / Sci Fi Theme / UK

​Made of metal and micro chips. She moves robotically but doesn't speak. Quirkily comical and seventies scifi.


Robot / LED / Futuristic / Space / Meet & Greet / UK

Ultra-vivid giant robots tripping the light fantastic, these gleaming Sci-Bots have illuminated global clubland and set the standard others have yet to get near...


Walkabout / Meet & Greet / Robot / Sci Fi

Titan the Robot is a high tech awe inspiring Robot that took 4 years to build. This amazing 8ft tall Robot is unique blend of comedy, street theatre, music an...


Robot / Sci-Fi / Space Theme / LED / Meet and Greet / UK

Towering Transformer robots to tantalise and hold an audience spellbound are tearing up the nation's clubland.


Robot walkabout / Meet & Greet / Sci Fi / UK

Zios is only electronic hydronoids in existence have arrived on planet earth..